Manual Percussor Cups

The conventional method of Chest physiotherapy (CPT) is chest percussion which is often accompanied by postural drainage. Chest percussion is the manual pounding or clapping to loosen secretions. This is accomplished by the creation of deliberate vibrations by calculated "cupping" with the hands over the chest, back, and areas under the arms which effectively breaks up the thick secretions commonly associated with respiratory infections. This manual cupping will deliver a maximal vibration that will penetrate the chest cavity, bronchial tree, and into the depths of the lungs where the mechanical stimulation will loosen thick mucous secretions. This is a vital part of the treatment regimen for people with Cystic Fibrosis (CF).

MEDICOMP offers a better alternative to manual chest percussion via "hand cupping" with our unique manual percussor cups. These soft vinyl molded percussor cups are utilized in performing chest physiotherapy which helps to provide uniformity and consistency from one user to the next.

The MEDICOMP manual percussor cups provide the following benefits:
  • Patient comfort
  • Consistent performance
  • Reduces stress on caregiver's joints
  • Can accommodate virtually all patients

MEDICOMP Medical Manual Percussor Cups come in 4 sizes:

MC-2234 Neonatal Manual Percussor Cups 50/cs
MC-2247 Pediatric Manual Percussor Cups 50/cs
MC-2263 Medium Manual Percussor Cups 50/cs
MC-2289 Large Manual Percussor Cups 40/cs

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