MEDICOMP Metered Dose Delivery Adapters

The MC-1423 Metered Dose Elbow and the MC-1523 Metered Dose Straight Swivel are perfect for the periodic in-line administration of mist bronchodilators. The .020 mist port orifice on both adapters includes a tethered cap and accepts standard pressurized canisters. In closed-suction systems, the MC-1523 diverts the mist at a 90 degree angle to spray directly into the patient's airstream. This method results in the maximum delivery of the agent with minimum set-up and administrative time. With a proper technique of administration, MEDICOMP's Metered Dose Adapters serve as an effective, convenient, and safe method for delivering bronchodilator aerosols during surgical anesthesia procedures and mechanically - ventilated patients.

Note the following for ease of use:

  1. Place the MC-1423/1523 in the anesthesia/ventilator circuit
  2. Remove the tethered cap on the MC-1423/1523
  3. Depress the pressurized canister according to dose recommendations
  4. Provide positive-pressure breath to patient
  5. Replace the cap on the MC-1423/1523

MC-1423 Metered Dose Elbow
MC-1523 Metered Dose Straight Swivel

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