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GSA Contract, All Products Manufactured in USA, Veteran Owned, Since 1989
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MEDICOMP Mission Statement


Bacterial/Viral Filters
HME/HMEF Filters
Spirometer Filters
Hydrophobic Filters
Nebulizer Filters

Tracheostomy Swivels

Single/Dual Swivel Connectors
Swivel Connectors w/6" Expandable Tubing

Metered Dose Adapters

Metered Dose Elbow
Metered Dose Straight Swivel

Percussor Cups

Medium Percussor Cups
Pediatric Percussor Cups
Neonatal Percussor Cups

CPAP Nasal Cannulas

CPAP Cannulas with Cap
CPAP Cannulas Only


Bronchoscopy/Suction Swivel
CO2 Sampling Adapter

Anesthesia & Respiratory Connectors

Adult Swivel Wye
Adult Swivel Wye w/CO2 Port
Adult Anesthesia Machine Cuff
Pediatric Anesthesia Machine Cuff
Gas Sampling Tee w/CO2 Port
Washington Tee

Adult Anesthesia Machine Cuff

MC-9400 Adult Anesthesia Machine Cuff

MC-9400 Adult Anesthesia Machine Cuff

22F - 22M ISO Connections

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