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Bacterial/Viral Filters
HME/HMEF Filters
Spirometer Filters
Hydrophobic Filters
Nebulizer Filters

Tracheostomy Swivels

Single/Dual Swivel Connectors
Swivel Connectors w/6" Expandable Tubing

Metered Dose Adapters

Metered Dose Elbow
Metered Dose Straight Swivel

Percussor Cups

Medium Percussor Cups
Pediatric Percussor Cups
Neonatal Percussor Cups

CPAP Nasal Cannulas

CPAP Cannulas with Cap
CPAP Cannulas Only


Bronchoscopy/Suction Swivel
CO2 Sampling Adapter

Anesthesia & Respiratory Connectors

Adult Swivel Wye
Adult Swivel Wye w/CO2 Port
Adult Anesthesia Machine Cuff
Pediatric Anesthesia Machine Cuff
Gas Sampling Tee w/CO2 Port
Washington Tee

Filter Products
Filter Products
range from Bacterial & Viral Filters to
HME & Hydrophobic Filters
CPAP Nasal Cannulas
CPAP Nasal Cannulas
molded from soft pliant inert material for the utmost in patient comfort
Trach Swivels
Trach Swivels
that offer quality, flexibility and
cost efficiency
minimize obstruction and provide more accurate midstream sampling
Metered Dose
Metered Dose
adapters are easy to use and offer the maximum delivery of beta-adrenergic agents
Bulk Products
Bulk Products
such as Swivel Wyes & Machine Cuffs
Percussor Cups
Percussor Cups

molded from soft high-quality vinyl for the ultimate in patient comfort


MEDICOMP Medical Respiratory, Anesthesia, and NICU Products

Since 1989 MEDICOMP has been designing and manufacturing critical care medical devices and systems in the fields of Anesthesia, Intensive Care systems, Respiratory Medicine, Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU), and the specialist applications systems market. Our devices have met the needs of hospitals, long-term care facilities, surgery centers, respiratory clinics and nursing homes throughout the health care system continuum.

MEDICOMP's manufacturing facility is located in Minnesota and our company distributes our devices and systems to respiratory specialty suppliers throughout North America as well as exportation to suppliers in countries internationally.

Major product lines include:

  • Filters: Heat Moisture Exchange; Bacterial/Viral; Hydrophobic; Nebulizer
  • Infant CPAP Nasal Cannulas
  • Manual Percussor Cups
  • Metered Dose Adapters
  • Dual Tracheostomy Swivel Connectors
  • Swivel Connectors w/6" Expandable Tubing
  • Anesthesia Circuit Components

These equipment products were developed with the assistance of professionals in their respective fields of health care. By listening to your opinions, suggestions, and new equipment ideas, MEDICOMP will continue to be the primary manufacturer and provide quality medical equipment and service you would expect while consistently delivering value, quality, and performance.

At MEDICOMP we strive to be the best provider of Bacterial Filtration Efficiency Filters, Viral Filtration Efficiency Filters, and Heat Moisture Exchange Filters. We are the number one resource for BFE Filters, VFE Filters, and HME Filters for hospitals and alternative care environments. MEDICOMP filtration products help improve the outcome of the respiratory patient both in the hospital and alternative care environments.

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